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18 June 2015
8 Tips To Leave Your House Clean On Moving Day
8 Tips To Leave Your House Clean On Moving Day

If you have reached the end of your lease you will need to leave your house in the same condition you found it in when you first moved in. Some landlords can be extremely picky when it comes to inspecting their house and they may complain about things that you never would have considered cleaning. These tips will help to ensure that you are best prepared and will guarantee your full deposit back.

1. Wipe Windows
Clean windows make a huge difference to any room. It’s amazing what some sunshine can do to a once dull and lifeless home. Spray your window cleaner evenly on the glass and use a microfiber cloth to wipe the windows clean. To avoid leaving product stains on the surface of the glass, make sure to wipe both horizontally and vertically. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth handy then newspapers are said to give windows the best shine.

2. Clean Outlets
Areas of the house that a lot of tenants tend to neglect when home cleaning are all of the outlets and light switches on the walls. Get a damp cloth and give them a quick wipe to remove any collective dust or cobwebs.

3. Kitchen Cleaning
The landlord will definitely check the oven and fridge to see if they have been cleaned properly. Remove the shelves of each and wash them separately with washing up liquid and warm water. Oven cleaning can be done with baking soda and white vinegar to budge excess food residue.

4. Carpets and Rugs
Carpet cleaning is a fairly simple process and all you need is the right cleaning product. Sprinkle it over the area and leave it to set for a minimum of 30 minutes. You could possibly leave the powder overnight to improve the finished results. Once it has dried, vacuum up the leftovers and the carpet should be as good as new.

5. Stain Free Sofas
Sofa cleaners are perfect for removing spillage stains from your upholstery. If the sofa belongs to your landlord then you will definitely need to take care of any stains that you have made whilst living in his property. If you are struggling to remove them properly then don’t be afraid to hire professional cleaners to do the job right. Find the best deal by searching for a local cleaning service online or ask relatives for their advice.

6. Unblocked Drains
All of the drains in the house must be completely unblocked, especially if your landlord is a little on the fussy side. Shower drains are particularly prone to blockage so make sure that there are no hairs blocking the drains.

7. Empty Bins
Before you move out you have to empty all of the bins in the house. Stock up on black bin bags so that you can throw out anything that you won’t be taking to the new house with you. Don’t forget to empty the fridge and freezer too so that you don’t give your landlord a reason to complain about any smells that may come from forgotten out-of-date food.

8. Clean Walls
Scrub wall stains with washing up liquid and warm water. Use a clean white cloth to avoid any colour transfer to the walls. If you have used blue tack to display posters in your bedroom, make sure to remove all traces before leaving the house for good.

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