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19 December 2013
End of Lease Cleaning when Leaving Your Office
End of Lease Cleaning when Leaving Your Office

Your office may have come to the end of its usefulness. As your business grows, you may need more room so that staff can work better, so you can hire new personnel or you have more room to store goods. You may desire an improved location that allows customers to find you, or for employees and partners to reach you easily. Maybe your workplace has become messy and old, no longer reflecting the quality work that you do.

These are just some of the reasons you will move home, so if you are considering them, then you should know about all the work that comes with a move. It may only be a temporary task that will allow you to enjoy a new address, but you must take it seriously. Between packing, heavy lifting, transport, storage and more, it can all be a lot to handle. It becomes even worse when you realise that a through clean of your office before you leave it is necessary. You cannot leave your building dusty and dirty for new tenants, because you’d hate it if you arrived at your new headquarters to find is dank, unclean and messy. Managing a clean amongst a move is through but with the right knowledge and some guidance, you can tackle it.

The first thing to do is plan it extendedly. Managing so many tasks at once can lead to things being rushed, ignored or forgotten, so having set time and dates for each task will certify that they are done completely. Work out the best times to handle certain room and objects and buy all the necessary cleaning equipment. This will include wipes, aplitic bags, brushes, brooms, mops and various bleaches, detergents and disinfectants.

You should get all of your staff involved with the cleaning so that is can go quicker. Assign people areas to handle and each person will contribute to the task and it will be over before you know it. Make sure you positively encourage your staff for helping, maybe even requiring them. With some staff handling the cleaning and others taking care of the move, you can tackle all chores successfully and with time to spare.

Ensuring that all your goods are removed from the building is an important task. You should make a checklist during your packing so you can keep track of everything and then before you leave, verify that everything has been packed and is ready to go. Look in every room and cupboard so that no object is forgotten about.

The floors should be cleaned methodically before you leave. Carpets and the like can get dirty quickly, as crumbs and dirt are trodden onto them, liquids spilled and more. You should cover every inch of every floor, leaving not spot. This will be easier than usual because your goods will be out of the way, giving you full access.

It will be necessary to wipe down every surface and window until they are spotless. Any furniture that is being left behind must be polished until it looks new. It is vital that you sanitise toilets, sinks and the kitchen so that it is germ free for the new owners. Stains should be scrubbed away variously until there are no blemishes left. Cut loose threads from carpets and restore their colour by lightly applying acrylic paint. Don’t forget about any outside parts of your office such as carers, as these must be clean too

End of tenancy cleaning can be tough but if you work hard, you and you staff can overcome it.

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