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25 September 2013
How to Clean Mineral Deposits from your Bathroom
How to Clean Mineral Deposits from your Bathroom

For people who live in an area with hard water, mineral deposits represent a continuous fight. Not only they are difficult to remove, but without the necessary means, removing the mineral deposits can bring more damage than leaving them be. When you start such a job, be careful what products you are using to remove the minerals. On the market there are plenty of chemical products that promise to remove the every stain, but some of them are so harsh that they leave the surfaces dull and scratched. Be careful when buying such products, because the last thing you want is to damage your sink or taps while trying to make them look better.

A more natural approach for cleaning minerals is to use the so called “green cleaning method”. This implies the use of substances that are not chemically obtained. The best green product that you can use for removing mineral deposits from your bathroom is the white vinegar. This magic liquid is good for removing most of the mineral stains from your bathroom surfaces. All you have to do is spray it on the area with problems, let it sit for a few hours until the stains start dissolving and then wipe it away. Still, there are times when not even the vinegar can clear away the mineral deposits. In that case it would be best to use a solution made of cleaning paste, vinegar and baking soda. This must be applied on the stains, rubbing it gently and then let sit for about 10 minutes. Then wipe the mix away. In case that the stains have not been completely removed, repeat the process as many times necessary.

The aforementioned solutions can be used on most surfaces from the bathroom, in accordance with the size and the number of stains. Sometimes, it takes more than a few hours to clean the mineral deposits from the bathroom surfaces. For example, the toilet bowl can be quite difficult to be cleaned. But all you need to do is empty as much water as you can from the toilet bowl and then fill it with vinegar, then close the lid and let sit for 8-12 hours. After the time has passed all you have to do is clean the bowl with a toilet brush and flush the water.

If in your bathroom you have glass surfaces which are also mineral stained, then the easiest way to clean the stains is to mix some vinegar with lemon juice and use the solution on the affected areas. But careful though with the concentration in the solution. In order to prepare it, take a spray bottle and fill half of it with vinegar then add a few drops of lemon juice. Spray the mix on the stains and wipe it away with paper towel. Repeat the process as many times as needed.

Cleaning the mineral stains wouldn’t be so difficult if they would be prevented in the first place. If you know you live in an area with hard water, just install a home filtration system, which is created for removing minerals from your water. This way, you won`t have to research all sorts of removing mineral stains methods, because there will be no mineral deposits in the first place.

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