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15 October 2013
Office Cleaning Made Easy
Office Cleaning Made Easy

If your office is not one that believes in hiring a cleaner, or if you are in fact an office cleaner, then there are many differences to understand between cleaning an office and a regular home. The main difference comes in the nature of the spaces, and the things within them; an office is geared up for a lot of people to work in, and a residential home is limited to merely a few in each room at any one time. The equipment used by an office will be of a much more specialist nature, whilst a home will be filled with the regular detritus of a family’s needs. With all of this in mind, how should one approach an office clean if they are not already used to such things, and how can it be an effective operation?

An office clean needs a lot more attention to detail than a home clean. You will find that most offices use a lot of computing equipment, and you will need to be extremely careful with how you treat these machines, as cleaning products can get inside them and affect the electrics, leading to problems with the working of the computers. The running of these computers will be pretty essential to how well the company performs on a daily basis, so if you destroy one with a stray squirt of lemon ledge, then there is serious trouble on the horizon. In a way, a careful approach means that you will be thinking more about how you clean things, which means you will go slower but be more effective. Getting used to these methods will mean that you can speed the process up and get things moving over time.

Cleaning machinery like computers, photocopiers, scanners and the like can be done mostly with a dry duster. If things have marks on them that need a cleaning product, then apply the product to the cloth before wiping it all off, rather than spraying directly on the machinery. Contact with liquid should be controlled at all costs, as otherwise the machine can fail. Leaving desks as they were left is also important, as tidying them can lead to organizational issues. You may well find that you get in to trouble for rearranging things that were left by employees that looked messy, as they were halfway through something and are now stuck as to where they left off.

Vacuuming the large spaces that an office may have can be difficult, so be sure to have a high powered vacuum cleaner available. It will take a lot longer, so be sure that you divide the areas of the office up and stick to your plan, as otherwise there can easily be bits that you miss. Offices often have plants in them, so be sure to water these if needs be, and look at the office kitchen. The main things that are used in a kitchen will be mugs and plates in conjunction with the microwave. You should not have a huge amount of trouble sorting these sorts of marks out, but there are often a high volume of receptacles used, and the washing up may not always be done to a high standard.

Cleaning an office is like cleaning a house but on an industrial scale. There are large open spaces and many, many desks and machines to clean, so be sure about your plan before you set out on the clean, and don’t let yourself forget what you have and have not sorted out!

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