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03 February 2014
How To Spring Clean A Rented Property At The End Of A Tenancy
How To Spring Clean A Rented Property At The End Of A Tenancy

Making sure that your rented property is fresh and clean as you move out is vitally important, especially if you want to determine that you will get your deposit back!

When it comes to spring cleaning your home it’s always better to have a plan and routine in place! A plan (so that you can follow it with ease and know exactly what has been done and what is left to do) helps to highlight those specific areas of need and when compared to the areas your have already addressed, you get see how effective the results of your spring clean, really are!

Depending on the current condition of your home, you can do this job easily and effectively or if the home is in particular need of attention you may find its going to be a mammoth of a task to tackle alone and therefore it could be better to hire in the professional domestic cleaners instead.

Hiring cleaning agencies to give your home a thorough clean is not that expensive, in fact it could work out more cost effective especially if it means that you have to go out and buy all of the products and tools to do the job. Cleaning contractors are also great for getting the job done in no time at all so if you are moving out and have very little time to do the deep clean, the agency is the best way to get speedy effective results.

For those of you who have the time, patience and determination to tackle this job at first hand but maybe do not know where to start, here is our easy guide to help you on your way;

Start at the top and work your way down!
Start at the top of the house and work your way down to the lower floor and rooms. This is great because it mean that you do not tread debris and dirt across those rooms from the lower floors as once the room is cleaned you can shut the door, move on to the next room and then work your way downstairs!

- Start by cleaning each room with a general dust, hoover and wipe down.
- Once you have removed all of your goods form the room you may notice something else that needs addressing like a mark or dent on the wall, so clearing the room if possible should also be top of the list.
- Taking down shelving may result in holes that need filling and sometimes even a quick coat of paint, afterwards.
- Do not forget about cleaning windows because if they are left grubby it does let the look of the place down and you surely you would want the best results possible, after all of your hard work!
- Remember to fix anything that may be broken like blinds or door hinges.
- Lastly wiping skirting boards then cleaning carpets, rugs and flooring will finish off the look appearance of your newly freshened room, perfectly.

What to use?
When it comes to buying products, make sure that you purchase a range of different ones that are designed for specific areas, such as de-greasers, room fresheners, upholstery cleaning sprays, limescale removers, Furniture polish and bleach for toilets and sinks. If possible try to get access to a steam cleaner as they are extremely effective for cleaning kitchen and bathroom tiles as well as floors and upholstery and they leave less moisture which reduces the drying time.
If you are insure about what you should do, speak to your landlord as he may allow for general wear and tear and not expect everything to be fixed by the tenant.

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