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08 July 2015
How to Make Floor Cleaning Easier
How to Make Floor Cleaning Easier

Floors come in all materials and need to be kept clean like other parts of a house or office. Flooring ranges from hard wood, linoleum, tiles, laminate or carpet. Each one needs a certain cleaning techniques. Here we look at some easy tips to floor cleaning for various floors.

Tools for the job
The most popular floor cleaning tool is the vacuum. Obviously the first and best choice for carpet and rug cleaning, but are used on other floor types for faster cleaning. They come in a range of models and sizes and do actually clean most floor types. With brushes and additional tools they are the great choice for a speedy clean floor.

The next tool that is worth the money is the steam cleaner. They range from cheap to expensive but are an all purpose tool that cleans with steam and are eco friendly and do not use any harmful chemicals so therefore are good for people with allergies or breathing problems. The steam cleaner will kill all germs on the floor and get rid of stains and spillages from carpets, linoleum and tiles etc. You need to be careful using too much water on laminate and wood but as long as you use clean dry cloth to absorb the excess moisture it should be OK to do it from time to time.

Then there are the old fashioned methods including brushes, which are good for the hard wood, laminate, tiles and linoleum. They are easy to use, save electric and fast. It saves getting out the vacuum from the cleaning cupboard and sorting the right tool for the job. Mops and buckets are the old fashioned way of washing the floors, and then there is the newer reusable version that has special cloths that can be washed repeatedly and are good ways of cleaning flooring.

There is nothing nicer than seeing an attractive clean and shiny floor rather than muddy foot prints all over them. Keeping a floor clean will make the room look instantly more attractive. Whatever floor type you have make sure you use the best method for the up keep and care.

Tiles and linoleum are hardwearing materials and easy to clean. Carpets and rugs need to be cared for with caution and make sure you make a note of the fibers that make up your carpets when buying any form of cleaning detergent to remove stains or marks. Hard wood needs care and caution; some detergents can be too harsh and remove the protective coating from the wood. Laminate comes in all sorts from cheap to expensive and it can be easily scratched. You need to be careful what cleaning methods you use so check when having it fitted.

There is such a wide choice of flooring out there and some rooms suit a specific type of flooring such as kitchens and bathrooms are better suited to linoleum and tiles. They are easy to clean and suit the excess moisture that comes with these two areas.

Whatever flooring you have needs to be cleaned regularly, like your entire home. Invest in good tools and cleaning products to suit the individual floor type. Check out advice from your supplier or read online sources for more tips and hints to cleaning your flooring. With areas of high traffic the floor will get dirty, it is inevitable and having the know how to keep it hygienically clean will help you keep clean home.

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